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How do I pair my phone with Media Nav ?
  • Check that Media Nav and your phone are both turned on.
  • In the main Media Nav menu, click on "Settings" then "Bluetooth". Then click on "Search for Bluetooth devices" or "External device authorisation".
  • On your phone, activate the phone's Bluetooth connection and, if necessary, make it "visible".
  • Enter the Bluetooth PIN "0000" on the phone's keypad.
  • The device will automatically be registered and connected to the vehicle.

      Note: You can change the code by tapping "Change Password" on Media Nav.

    Which music formats are compatible with my Media Nav?

    The following extensions are compatible with your Media Nav: 



    • MP3/.mp3
    • WMA/.wma
      Which Smartphones are compatible with Media Nav Evolution?
      • Android: version 5.0 and above
        Apple: iPhone 5 minimum with iOS 7.1 and above


        • Non-compatible smartphones = Windows Phone & other OS not mentioned above

            Is Android Auto™ available in my country ?
            Go to the following link to make sure your country is Android Auto™ compatible:
            Is Apple Carplay™ available in my country?
            Go to the following link to make sure your country is Apple CarPlay™ compatible:
            How do I use Android Auto™ on the screen of Media Nav Evolution?
            • Download the Android Auto™ application on your smartphone
            • Follow the instructions (accept the conditions of use)
            • Enable 3G/4G data and location services on your smartphone
            • When your vehicle is stopped, unlock your smartphone's screen and connect a manufacturer-certified smartphone USB cable.
            • Your smartphone will then ask you to look at the Media Nav Evolution screen.
            • Click on the "Android Auto" button at the bottom right of your Media Nav Evolution screen to open the menu.
            • Your smartphone will switch to standby mode once Android Auto™ starts on Media Nav Evolution.
            • Android Auto™ is now active.
            • If needed, you can also check out the dedicated Android Auto™ tutorial
              How do I use Apple Carplay on the screen of Media Nav Evolution?
              • Connect an Apple-certified USB cable
              • Enable 3G/4G data and location services on your iPhone
              • Your iPhone will automatically ask for permission to start Apple CarPlay™  on Media Nav Evolution.
              • Click on the  " Apple CarPlay " button at the bottom right of your Media Nav Evolution screen to open the Apple CarPlay™ menu.
              • If needed, you can also check out the dedicated Apple Carplay tutorial

                UPDATES & NAVIGATION
                How do I create my Media Nav Account?

                To enhance and update your Renault equipped with Media NAV, go to the Navi Extra website:

                • Click on our Renault Navi Extra  website
                • Once on the site, click on "Register" and enter your personal information.
                • Click on "Create an account".
                  How do I update my Media Nav?

                  Here are the steps to follow to update your Media Nav:


                  In your car


                  • Insert a USB stick into your Media Nav (minimum 4 GB, FAT32 format).
                  • Tap the "Home" icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your Media Nav screen.
                  • Tap "Dest" or "Nav", then "Accept".
                  • Tap "Options" in the bottom right-hand corner of your Media Nav screen, go to the second page then tap "Map updates".
                  • Tap "Options", then "Update".
                  • When the message "Are you ready to start collecting information from the device?" is displayed, tap "Yes".
                  • The message "Software update. Information being collected from the device..."is displayed, as well as a loading status bar. Please wait for a few moments and do NOT remove the USB stick.
                  • Final message: "Information from the device has been successfully saved to the USB stick". Tap OK. You can now remove the USB stick. 

                  On your computer


                  • Insert the USB stick into your computer in order to launch the Toolbox.
                  • If the version is not up-to-date, a pop-up window offering the latest version will appear. Click on "Accept" to download the Media Nav update onto the USB stick.


                  In your car


                  • When the new version has been downloaded, insert the USB stick into your Media Nav (with the vehicle's engine on), turn it on and follow the instructions displayed on the screen of your Media Nav.

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