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Because you shouldn't have to adapt to your vehicles: instead your vehicles should adapt to your requirements; we offer special features to suit your business.
Simpler business travel

Opt for our reversibility kit

Create an office on wheels. The reversibility kit makes your business trips easier. Company vehicle or passenger car – it’s up to you! The reversibility kit includes the installation of a plastic storage bin with luggage cover in place of the rear bench seat.

Your made-to-measure fleet

Discover our fleet solutions

To give you what you really need, we have a full range of conversion possibilities for all Renault vehicles in your fleet – decals, signalling equipment, towing devices, interior fittings, roof equipment and so on. Suited to each business and designed according to your specifications, our equipment is produced in line with Renault quality standards. Workshop vehicles, parcel delivery, services, telecoms, etc. Our priority is building you the vehicle suited to your business.
Decals, screen printing and signalling: personalise your vehicle with your corporate identity. Anything is possible with our industrial made-to-measure offer.
Make life easier for your staff with our signalling equipment. Flashing lights, work lights, warning triangles... we have thought of everything to secure your work sites.
Protect your cargo area and enjoy a secure drive. Opt for our special features: security window grilles, separation panel grille, reinforced locks, etc.
Protect the cargo area in your company vehicles. Use our protective trim and floor to keep them as good as new for longer. 
Interior fittings
Make your staff’s day easier with our made-to-measure interior fittings. We can provide a tailor-made solution adapted to your specifications.
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