Our electric expertise

The lucky heirs of our Formula E innovations, our standard electric vehicles benefit from our technologies developed for the race track.

From our Formula E commitment to the Renault Z.E. range

A leading player in motorsport and pioneer of the electric vehicle, we renew our Formula E commitment every year.

The cutting edge technologies we develop for our all-electric single-seaters then help to optimise our standard electric vehicles.

Renault ZOE eSport Concept

Discover our latest powered-up concept car. Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017, it embodies our commitment to electric vehicles like never before.
Renault Zoe electric esport concept car front view
Visually, ZOE e-Sport Concept is characterised by its expressive design: that of a ZOE with an extremely sporty allure. Inspired by the uniform of the Renault e.dams champions, its colour embodies its affiliation with Formula E.

With its two electric engines, ZOE e-Sport Concept delivers total power of 340 kW, the equivalent of about 460 hp. With its all-carbon bodywork, this concept car weight only 1,400 kg, despite its 450 kg battery. Its lightness enhances its performance, since it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.2 seconds.

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