A reinvented people carrier

R-SPACE Concept

Dynamic curves, redesigned cabin, R-SPACE Concept has revamped the approach to the MPV to meet the needs of all the family.
Renault R-SPACE Concept Exterior design with a light touch
A family people carrier, R-SPACE Concept benefits from a warm exterior design and personality. Everyone will fall for its smooth and energetic lines.
Renault R-SPACE Concept - view from above - side doors open
The enjoyment of travelling with the family
When with the family, why should you be happy with a vehicle that is only practical and functional? Warm and sensual, R-SPACE Concept doesn't forget about driving enjoyment and sportiness. Full of emotion, this concept car manages to free itself from the traditional codes of the people carrier.
Renault R-SPACE Concept - 3/4 rear view
A touch of lightness
Sculpted sides, shoulders that add character, a slim size, enhanced rear end... R-SPACE Concept is almost human. The curves and fluid lines, highlighted by lighting effects never before seen on a people carrier, provide energy and lightness.    

Renault R-SPACE Concept

Interior design guided by emotion

Supple and sensual shapes, effects of materials and textures, the R-SPACE concept car reveals an interior design that gives full importance to emotion while enhancing the functions for practical use and life on board.
Renault R-SPACE Concept - front and rear cabin
Room for everyone
R-SPACE Concept has reinvented the standards for the family people carrier cabin. With its contrasting shapes, the interior of the concept car is divided into 2 distinct cells that are connected without any interruption or barrier. Smooth and sculpted at the front, the lines are at right angles at the rear, to accommodate your children in their own space, just like their bedroom or a play area.
Renault R-SPACE Concept - front cabin
Emotion above all else
With R-SPACE Concept, you will find that emotion has a place like never before in your people carrier's interior. Without ever forgetting your expectations for freedom of use, modularity and flexibility, the cabin becomes a space for you to express yourself. The front is for piloting the vehicle, with a sporty and automotive design for the driving position, the rear is for fun, with playful seating and screens embedded in the front seat headrests.

Renault R-SPACE Concept

Choices rich with significance

Our research into materials has led our designers to introduce materials never before seen in the automotive world. They have chosen surfaces and textures rich with significance for every area and every service in R-SPACE Concept.
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Renault - close-up of dashboard with R-LINK 2
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