Renault MASTER: traction


Each traction solution has its own advantages. In the FWD version, Renault MASTER prioritises usable cargo capacity and road transport. In the RWD version, it is able to support much heavier loads and can adapt to all types of terrain.     
Renault MASTER Front-Wheel Drive

With a very low cargo threshold, Renault MASTER Traction prioritises usable cargo capacity and road transport.

Its benefits:

-  easy loading thanks to one of the lowest access thresholds in the segment,
 more loading capacity thanks to greater effective height and a very low threshold,
- lower fuel consumption during road and long-distance use,
- Two compact lengths: L1, L2 and up to 10.8 m³.

Renault MASTER Rear-Wheel Drive

With greater loading, towing and off-road capabilities, Renault MASTER RWD is your best companion to transport significant loads over soft ground.

Its loading benefits :

-  greater permissible rear axle load,
-  available in L4 Panel van and L3 chassis cab; and up to 17m³

Its traction and grip benefits :

better traction with heavy loads, on a steep slope and on soft ground to limit the risk of getting stuck,
-  better obstacle-clearing capacity.
 differential locking as an option,
-  twin wheels for greater grip and a higher rear-axle load.